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tixMwm - Communicate with the Motif(tm) window manager.


tixMwm option pathName ?args?


tixMwm decoration pathName ?option? ?value ...?

When no options are given, this command returns the values of all the decorations options for the toplevel window with the pathName.

When only one option is given without specifying the value, the current value of that option is returned.

When more than one "option value" pairs are passed to this command, the specified values will be assigned to the corresponding options. As a result, the appearance of the Motif decorations around the toplevel window will be changed.

Possible options are: -border, -menu, -maximize, -minimize, -resizeh and -title. The value must be a Boolean value. The values returned by this command are undefined when the window is not managed by mwm.

tixMwm ismwmrunning pathName

This returns true if mwm is running on the screen where the specified window is located, false otherwise.

tixMwm protocol pathName

When no additional options are given, this command returns all protocols associated with this toplevel window.

tixMwm protocol pathName activate protocol_name

Activate the mwm protocol message in mwm’s menu.

tixMwm protocol pathName add protocol_name menu_message

Add a new mwm protocol message for this toplevel window. The message is identified by the string name specified in protocol_name. A menu item will be added into mwm’s menu as specified by menu_message. Once a new mwm protocol message is added to a toplevel, it can be catched by the TK wm protocol command. Here is an example:
tixMwm protocol . add MY_PRINT_HELLO \
{"Print Hello" _H Ctrl<Key>H}
wm protocol . MY_PRINT_HELLO {puts Hello}

tixMwm protocol pathName deactivate protocol_name

Deactivate the mwm protocol message in mwm’s menu.

tixMwm protocol pathName delete protocol_name

Delete the mwm protocol message from mwm’s menu. Please note that the window manager protocol handler associated with this protocol (by the wm protocol command) is not deleted automatically. You have to delete the protocol handle explicitly. E.g.:
tixMwm protocol . delete MY_PRINT_HELLO
wm protocol . MY_PRINT_HELLO {}


On some versions of Mwm, the -border will not disappear unless -resizeh is turned off. Also, the -title will not disappear unless all of -title, -menu, -maximize and -minimize are turned off.


Motif window manager, mwm